I, Ephidrina, do hereby Solemnly Swear to use my Web Site for the Propagation of Subversive Facts and Topical Information.

Ephidrina knows that the World Wide Web is full of sites about drugs. Sites where geeks collect to compare their knowledge of backstreet chemistry and brag about their illegal exploits. Sites where you can find exhaustive information on formulas and recipes, effects and risks for any substance you care to try. Handy hints on how to purchase precursers, build that lab and then cover your tracks when the neighbours get suspicious. In short, everything you need to know to manufacture some (relatively) harmless fun in your own garage.

What Ephidrina doesn't see much of is healthy debate about why these activities have been driven underground. She hasn't seen very many pretty pictures either.

Being for the Education and Edification of my Esteemed Audience, whomsoever they may be.

Psychedelic chemicals have fed the arts, music, science and religion for centuries. Their impact on the culture of the second half of the twentieth century is unprecedented. More chemicals have been discovered, invented, synthesized and tested than in any period in history. But research is heavily restricted and widespread use outlawed everywhere on the planet.

Back in the Fifties, our parents were told that in the future, science and technology would solve all our problems. Five decades on, we're still waiting. In an era during which we have learned to live with nuclear weapons, unrestricted firearms on the streets, and serfdom through advanced capitallism, the search for enlightenment through chemicals remains universally condemned.

I will do my best to ensure that the Contents of this Site are as Unbiased and Untainted as my own Personal Opinions and Prejudices.

Ephidrina wouldn't dream of telling you to go out and take drugs, kids. That is none of her business. Whether or not you indulge is a matter for you to decide, along with your friendly neighbourhood dope peddler. Ephidrina is more interested in demonstrating that, where drug use and abuse is concerned, the law is an ass, and that the war on drugs is tantamount to a declaration of war by Government against its citizens.

Ephidrina is not particularly pro- or anti- any of the drugs featured here, although, naturally, she has expressed a few preferences. What irritates her is the blatent hypocrisy endemic in the policies of most governments in the world today. It is her belief that the history of drugs legislation in the twentieth century, and the corruption surrounding the legal and illegal sectors of the industry, indirectly tell us alot about the way the modern world really works.

Ephidrina's mission is to present her audience with an illustrated history of drug use and prohibition, exploring the tangled web of history, politics, vested interests and institutionallized racism that shape the legislation and attitudes that prevail today.

Ephidrina had a lot of fun producing this site. She hopes you enjoy it too.

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