Dave's Strange/funny/weird bookmarks

One of the nice things about working here is that there's a really fast Net connection. That, and the fact that the job isn't too demanding, means that I have time to do some web surfing. Here are some interesting links. Have fun!

Some hacking stuff.

distributed.net - Project DES I plan to contribute with 2 Enterprise 450s...

Replay Associates, L.L.P. Crypto software

HACKVAN dot COM Superb site, with lots of cool stuff.

DEF CON (DEF CON 6 this summer!)

Hacker's Wisdom The hacking that can be taught is not the true hacking.

I don't like Microsoft. This should not be a surprise to most people..

Welcome to Team Gates! *sigh*

Support Group for People Used by Microsoft

Reiser vs. Microsoft, and Design Tying Evidence Total lies from start to finish. Microsoft is GOOD!

The MSBC Superlist of Anti-Microsoft Web Sites

Appraising Microsoft

Sources of good links...

Jamie Zawinski One of the Netscape hackers. Possibly the best set of links in a single place that I've ever seen. Be sure to check out Find the Pope in the Porsche

John Gilmore's home page

ACME Laboratories

Eric Raymond's Home Page

Don Knuth's Home Page Demi-god. We are not worthy.


The following sites are run by people that I find either:
  • scary
  • stupid
  • deranged
  • terrifying
  • any combination of the above
  • Chick Publications Scary Christians

    Creator's Rights Party Pro-life Christian Anti-abortion Website Really scary Christians. To give an example, these people want to leave the United States to create a new country which forbids abortion, but only if they get to take nuclear weapons with them

    In Defense of Bill Gates, Microsoft, and America's Most Persecuted Minority: Businessmen
    My heart bleeds...

    Capitalism Magazine | Objectivism | Journals of Ayn Rand

    The Libertarian Enterprise


    |d|i|s|i|n|f|o|r|m|a|t|i|o|n| The counterculture starts here

    unamerican - we think you're RADICAL

    We All Agree Censorship Is Rubbish British standup comic called Mark Thomas

    Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters

    ZNet Entry Page

    The Noam Chomsky Archive The most important left-wing intellectual in the world.

    Jello Biafra Links Singer for the Dead Kennedys



    Just say NO to drugs!

    drugtext, the internet's center on substance use related risk reduction

    Action Forum of the Global Anti-Prohibition Movement

    Hippy Land Hippie Magazine

    Marijuana, cannabis, and hemp all describe the same plant cannabis sativa. Our mission is to distribute accurate and unbiased information about marijuana, cannabis, and hemp.

    Drugs and Drug Users (Paranoia) Damn. I've just checked this and paranoia is going-going-gone. This is a real bummer, because it was a great site. You can access the drugs info at Lycaeum instead.


    PiHKAL: The Chemical Story The chemical story, online!

    MAPS Inc.


    UKCIA present ... UK Cannabis Information - Home Page

    Silly and fun places

    The Digital Landfill Where bad HTML goes to die, or at least, rot.

    Support Calls Gone Bad

    Darwin Awards Official Home Page

    The AFU & Urban Legends Archive

    A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys I *was* that soldier....

    Jargon File Resources

    The Bastard Menu The original BOFH

    Stand-up comics, both sadly missed.

    suckin' Satan's pecker The late, great, and dearly missed Bill Hicks. I have CDs if people want to hear him...

    Sam Kinison

    More silly places

    Mersenne.org Main Page

    PT - piss-your-pants funny

    go2net | internet | The Useless Pages

    Conspire.com | Welcome Home! Princess Diana was killed on orders from Elvis Presley! Really!

    Archie McPhee - Your Toy, Gift, Novelty and Fun Headquarters

    Suck: Daily

    Cruel Site of the Day

    Geek Site of the Day

    Welcome to the Universal Life Church I am a minister, and can forgive your sins. Come to me, my children....

    Cartoons and Comic Strips


    The Dreaming

    The Calvin and Hobbes Jumpstation

    The Last Day of Calvin and Hobbes *sniff* A sad day....

    The Dilbert Zone

    Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall

    Amsterdam/Netherlands links

    C l i X Fifth World Amsterdam City Agendas

    Theater and Concert Online

    Amsterdam Arts The AUB

    Amsterdam Valley

    Muziek Netwerk Nederland


    Dutch Links (English) One of the links is a great list of Dutch swearwords

    Taalthuis - the Dutch language site - de website over het Nederlands

    Get Lost Publishing Web site of "The Cool Guide to Amsterdam"

    Welcome to Hippies From Hell Who are these people?